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5.08.010 Definitions.
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When used in this chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings set forth in this section:

“Construction” means the on-site field surveying, erection, rehabilitation, alteration, extension or repair including painting or redecorating buildings, highways or other improvements to real property under contract for the city.

“Contract” includes all types of agreements, regardless of what they may be called, for the procurement of supplies, services or construction.

“Contract amendment” means any change in the terms of a contract accomplished by agreement of the parties, and includes a change order.

“Professional service” means a service which involves the exercise of discretion and independent judgment together with advanced or specialized knowledge, expertise or training gained by formal studies or experience, and includes without limitation a service provided by an engineer, architect, attorney or accountant.

“Service” means a contract performance whose principal element is not the furnishing of tangible or intangible property.

“Supplies” means tangible or intangible personal property. (Ord. 08-29 § 5, 2008; Ord. 02-42 § 2, 2002)