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A. A person determined liable for fees for excessive police responses under this chapter may, within 30 days of receiving a notice of imposition of fees, apply for a hearing on the determination to the police chief or designee.

B. The application shall be in writing and filed with the chief of police. The hearing shall be held within 15 days of receiving a timely application before the chief of police or designee. The hearing shall be limited to the issue of whether the person is liable for each fee imposed under this chapter, as found by the police department.

C. Once the written decision is issued, any person aggrieved by the written decision may appeal the decision to the mayor, then the Alaska Superior Court in Palmer and governed by the 600 Series of the Alaska Rules of Appellate Procedure, within 30 calendar days after the date the decision was given to the parties. (Ord. 14-29 § 2, 2014)