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A. An owner or tenant of a property shall have 30 days from the date notice is accomplished, as required under WMC 9.36.030, to promptly take appropriate corrective action. Appropriate corrective action is action reasonably expected to correct the cause of the police responses to the property. Police officers holding the rank of sergeant or higher are authorized to determine whether corrective action is appropriate under the circumstances. The officer’s determination shall be in writing and issued within five days of receipt of the person’s written notice of the action taken. Should the officer determine the action taken is not appropriate corrective action, the officer shall explain the reasons and the person shall have 10 days from the date of the determination to take appropriate corrective action. The 10-day extension shall be provided only once in a calendar year for each unit receiving excessive police responses. Examples of appropriate corrective action, subject to a police officer’s determination whether it is appropriate, may include, without limitation:

1. Written notice to quit under AS 09.45.100 through 09.45.110;

2. Eviction notice served on the tenant or lessee requiring vacation of the premises within 30 days or less;

3. Obtaining a restraining order, if appropriate;

4. Installation or implementation of new or additional security measures; or

5. Action recommended by the Wasilla police department in writing and implemented to the satisfaction of a police officer the rank of sergeant or higher.

B. Appropriate corrective action does not include:

1. Relocating a tenant or lessee of a unit to a different unit on the same property, unless a police officer the rank of sergeant or higher determines the relocation is appropriate. If a person is relocated, the city may transfer the number of police responses from the former unit to the new unit; or

2. Communicating only orally with the person causing the police responses.

C. A fee may not be imposed for additional police responses to the unit that is the subject of the notice during the 30-day period allowed under subsection (A) of this section if any person takes appropriate corrective action and gives written notice to the Wasilla police department of the action taken during the 30-day period. There is a conclusive presumption that appropriate corrective action was taken if there are no additional police responses to the property from the end of the 30-day period until the earlier of:

1. The end of the calendar year; or

2. Ninety calendar days. (Ord. 14-29 § 2, 2014)