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A. A taxicab business shall maintain the following records which may be audited by the city to ensure compliance with the requirements of this code:

1. Records of business transactions conducted within the city; and

2. Record of operators driving for the taxicab business.

B. The operation of a taxicab business may be suspended or revoked to do business within the city by the police chief, if there is a finding that the taxicab business owner has:

1. Willfully done or permitted to be done an act in violation of a statute, borough or city law relating to the business, profession or occupation licensed;

2. Conducted the permitted business, profession or occupation in such a manner as to constitute a threat to public health, safety or general welfare.

C. Remedies and penalties for violations of this chapter are as provided in WMC Chapter 1.20. (Ord. 14-28(AM) § 2, 2014)