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5.32.090 Lease procedures.
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A. General Regulations. In addition to the regulations governing leasing as set forth within sale procedures above, the additional regulations and procedures set forth below shall apply specifically to leases.

B. Expiration. Unless the lease is renewed or sooner terminated as provided herein, the lessee shall peaceably and quietly leave, surrender, and yield up unto the lessor all of the leased land on the last day of the term of the lease.

C. Renewal. If, at the expiration of any lease of any lands hereunder, the lessee desires a renewal lease on the land, properties, or interests covered thereby, he or she shall, not sooner than 180 days prior to the expiration, make application for a renewal lease in writing on forms provided entitled “Application for Renewal of Lease,” certifying under oath as to the character and value of all improvements existing on the lands, properties or interests therein, the purpose for which he or she desires to renew the lease, and such other information as the mayor may require. The applicant shall deposit with the mayor an amount equal to the annual rent. The mayor shall upon recommendation of the planning commission and direction of the council issue a renewal of the lease to the lessee. The date that the application for renewal of lease is presented to the office of the mayor, as evidenced by the date stamped thereon, whether delivered or forwarded by regular, certified or registered mail, shall be binding.

D. Subdivision Regulations. Leases for terms longer than 10 years shall comply with the Matanuska-Susitna Borough subdivision regulations. (Prior code § 7.16.090)