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A. A recount application shall contain:

1. The basis of the belief that a mistake has been made;

2. The precinct, office, proposition, or question for which the recount is requested;

3. The contact information of a representative who will receive communications from the city regarding the application; and

4. The name, residence address, contact information and notarized signature of each candidate or city voter who is an applicant.

B. The application shall include a deposit in cash, by certified check, or credit card. The amount of the deposit shall be $150.00 for each precinct. If all precincts are to be counted, there shall be no additional charge to recount early, absentee by-mail, questioned or special needs ballots. (Ord. 16-15 § 23, 2016; Ord. 15-24(AM) § 4, 2015; prior code § 18.45.020)