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A. The clerk shall establish procedures prescribing the manner in which the ballot count is accomplished to ensure accuracy in the count and to expedite the process.

B. After the polls are closed and the last vote has been cast, the election officials shall tabulate the results of the regular ballots cast. After the tabulation is complete, election officials shall open the secured ballot boxes and segregate the regular, questioned, absentee by mail, and special needs ballots. Each segregated group of ballots shall be placed in a ballot container and sealed. The container shall bear the date of the election, the type of ballots enclosed, and the precinct name and number.

C. The election board shall account for all ballots by completing a ballot accountability report containing: (1) the number of official ballots received; (2) the number of official ballots voted; (3) the number of official ballots spoiled; and, (4) the number of official ballots unused and returned for destruction to the clerk.

D. The election board shall compare the number of regular ballots cast to the precinct register and the number of questioned ballots cast to the questioned voter register. Discrepancies shall be noted and included in the ballot accountability report.

E. All voting supplies, materials, and completed forms shall be returned to the clerk. (Ord. 16-15 § 17, 2016; Ord. 12-20 § 34, 2012; Ord. 04-24(SUB) § 8, 2004; prior code § 18.30.120)