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A. Each candidate, or organized group that sponsors or opposes an issue, may designate one person at a time to be a poll watcher in each precinct.

B. A person wishing to serve as a poll watcher shall request authorization from the clerk. The authorization must include:

1. The name of the person to act as a poll watcher;

2. The name of the candidate, group, or organization the poll watcher is representing;

3. The date of the election; and

4. The precinct the poll watcher wishes to observe.

C. The poll watcher must present authorization as defined in subsection (B) of this section to the election official upon request. The poll watcher will be provided an area to view all actions of the election board. Without the proper authorization, the election official is empowered to ask a poll watcher to leave the polling place.

D. Persons observing may:

1. Observe the conduct of the election; and

2. Check the polling booths after each voter to make sure campaign materials have not been left in the booth.

E. Persons observing may not:

1. Have any duties in the conduct of the election;

2. Be allowed to touch any of the election materials; or

3. Interfere or disturb the orderly conduct of the election. (Prior code § 18.30.030)