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A. The use of public moneys, or facilities, equipment or supplies purchased with public moneys, and services of public employees in kind, to promote the passage of ballot propositions including public expenditures, appropriations or bond issues is prohibited.

B. The term “promote” means an attempt to influence, whether affirmatively or negatively, the vote of the people upon ballot propositions or bond issues. The term “promote” does not encompass the following and similar activities:

1. The publication, circulation or mailing of informational items or legal notices pertaining to proposed bond issues or ballot propositions, so long as any literature distributed to the public or to news media, fairly and fully presents information needed by the public to make an informed vote upon any ballot propositions or bond issue;

2. The participation by city personnel in public discussions, or interviews with news media, relating to proposed ballot propositions or bond issues;

3. The city administration may prepare and disseminate an informational brochure regarding propositions or bond issues placed on the ballot by the city council which accords reasonably equal presentation of facts supporting and opposing the proposition or bond issue.

C. City-owned buildings, and other facilities may be utilized for public meetings, discussions, and other assemblies by private groups supporting or opposing any ballot proposition or bond issue. City employees may arrange for public meetings and assemblies where the advantages and disadvantages of a proposed ballot proposition or bond issue are fairly presented by opponents and proponents of the item.

D. No posters, fliers, or other printed material advocating for or against a ballot proposition or bond issue may be displayed in any city-owned or controlled building or facility except in a single area of general public posting designated by the building supervisor. Except that no posters, fliers, or other printed material for or against a ballot proposition or bond issue may be displayed during the hours the polls are open in accordance with WMC 4.24.020, if the city-owned facility is a polling location. Both proponents and opponents of the ballot proposition or bond issue shall be accorded reasonably equal access to the space.

E. The constitutional rights of public employees to express their personal views on proposed bond issues and ballot propositions during public meetings or in interviews with news media shall not be abridged by this title. However, any employee expressing personal views shall clearly state that the statements reflect personal or professional beliefs only and do not represent the position of the city. (Ord. 16-15 § 3, 2016; prior code § 18.05.110)