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A. The finance director shall:

1. Be custodian of all city funds. He or she shall keep an itemized account of money received and disbursed. He or she shall pay money on vouchers drawn against appropriations;

2. Be bonded in a sum which the council directs;

3. Be responsible for all matters pertaining to the maintenance of all fund accounts of the city;

4. Compile the annual budget of the city based on detail department estimates and work programs and control it under direction of the council;

5. Certify all appropriations encumbrances as to availability of appropriation balances and funds;

6. Prepare and submit to the mayor such financial reports and other data as may be required;

7. Prescribe and control such procedures as are necessary to protect city funds and property; general fixed asset accounts, i.e., acquisition or disposal;

8. Perform such other duties as the city may require;

9. Be responsible for financial reports to local, state and federal agencies; i.e., State Shared Revenue, Federal Revenue Sharing, and FmHA Reports;

10. Maintain and issue notifications of special assessment areas, assess taxes as directed by council, administer the billing and collecting of taxes, and the administration of tax and assessment foreclosure process and foreclosure sales;

11. Payroll administration;

12. Control, administration and inventory of real property and personal property of the city;

13. Purchasing and accounts payable maintenance;

14. Automated data processing for the finance department and coordination of automated data processing for all departments;

15. Debt service management;

16. Investment management;

17. Other duties as assigned by the mayor. (Prior code § 2.29.020)