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A. A vacancy in the office of mayor occurring within six months prior to a regular election shall be filled by appointment by the council. The person appointed shall serve until the next regular election and until a successor is elected to serve the balance of the term. If a council member is appointed, the council member shall resign the council seat. If a vacancy occurs more than six months prior to a regular election, the council shall call a special election to fill the unexpired term.

B. The council shall, by two-thirds concurring vote, declare the office of mayor vacant only when the person elected:

1. Fails to qualify or take office within 30 calendar days after election or appointment;

2. Unless excused by the council, is physically absent from the city for 90 consecutive calendar days;

3. Resigns and the resignation is accepted;

4. Is physically or mentally unable to perform the duties of office;

5. Is convicted of a felony or of an offense involving a violation of the oath of office;

6. Is convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor described in AS 15.56;

7. Is convicted of a violation of AS 15.13; or

8. No longer physically resides in the city.

C. A mayor who ceases to be a city voter immediately forfeits office, and no council action is needed. (Ord. 10-32(AM) § 3, 2010; prior code § 2.16.040)