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16.32.210 Application for permits.
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Application for a permit for the erection, alteration, or relocation of a sign shall be made to the city planner or designee on a form provided by the city planner or designee and must include the following information:

A. Name and address of the owner of the sign;

B. Street address or location of the property on which the sign is to be located, along with the name and address of the property owner;

C. The type of sign or sign structure as defined in this chapter;

D. A site plan showing the proposed location of the sign along with the locations and square footage areas of all existing signs on the same premises; and

E. Specifications and scale drawings showing plans, elevation, materials, design, dimensions and structural supports. (Ord. 17-09 § 20, 2017; prior code § 16.43.912.2)