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A. The following general rules govern the public use of parks:

1. No person may cut, pick or damage trees, flowers or other vegetation in a park.

2. No person may camp in a park except in an area and at a time designated in a permit issued by the mayor or the mayor’s designee.

3. No person may light, build, use or maintain an open fire or portable camp stove in a park except in a receptacle or area designated for that use. No person may leave an open fire or operating portable camp stove unattended. No person may use a flammable liquid other than charcoal lighting fluid to start or accelerate a fire.

4. No person may sell or consume any alcoholic beverage in a park except in an area and at a time designated in a permit issued by the mayor or the mayor’s designee.

5. No person may possess a firearm in a park except:

a. A peace officer acting within the scope and authority of the officer’s employment;

b. A person carrying a concealed handgun in accordance with AS 18.65.700 through 18.65.790, and carrying a valid permit under such statutes; or

c. A person participating in a public demonstration under a permit issued for that purpose by the mayor or the mayor’s designee.

6. No person shall shoot a bow and arrow in a park except in an area designated for archery activities by the mayor or the mayor’s designee.

7. No person may discharge fireworks in a park except in accordance with a permit issued under WMC 8.04.050.

8. No person may operate, or stop, stand or park, a motorized vehicle in a park except:

a. In an area designed for the use, and in a manner permitted by the designation;

b. As permitted under a vendor permit issued under WMC Chapter 6.08 or a facility use permit issued under WMC 12.24.030; or

c. Construction, enforcement, maintenance or emergency vehicles operated by the state, the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, the city or their respective contractors.

9. Where the operation of motor vehicles is permitted in a park, motor vehicles shall be operated in accordance with posted speed limits, in a prudent and safe manner, and at a speed not exceeding 10 miles per hour in parking areas.

10. No person may bring an animal into a park except:

a. An animal that is under restraint as that term is defined in WMC 7.04.010;

b. An animal that is in an area that has been posted for use by domesticated animals;

c. A guide dog while it is accompanying a blind or deaf person; or

d. An animal that is under the direct control of a peace officer or emergency responder performing official duties, and trained to assist in performing those duties.

11. A person having control or supervision of an animal that excretes feces in a park shall immediately collect and properly dispose of the feces.

12. No person may deposit litter or waste, or water, sewage or effluent from sinks, portable toilets or other plumbing fixtures, directly upon the surface of land or water in a park.

13. No person may swim or dive in a park except in an area designated for the activity by the mayor or the mayor’s designee.

14. No person may smoke inside buildings. (Ord. 08-30 § 5, 2008; Ord. 05-14(AM) § 4, 2005)