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A. An owner or lienholder of record is entitled to an administrative hearing to determine the propriety of the removal of a vehicle, or other property under this chapter and the owner’s liability for the costs of removal and disposition of the vehicle, or other property. Unless otherwise specifically provided, all hearings required under this chapter shall be conducted by the city under regulations consistent with due process of law. Hearings shall be informal, and technical rules of evidence do not apply. A person who requests a hearing may retain an attorney if he or she so desires. The hearing officer shall be appointed by the mayor and may be appointed from the city. A hearing officer need not be an attorney, but must be impartial and may not have participated in the decision which is under review. The hearing officer does not have to file a full opinion or make formal findings of fact or conclusions of law, but he or she must state the reasons for his or her determination and indicate the evidence relied upon. The proceedings at the hearing shall be recorded.

B. A hearing ordered under subsection (A) of this section shall be held in Wasilla unless the city and the person agree that the hearing is to be held elsewhere. The city shall grant a hearing delay if the person presents good cause for the delay. If a person fails to appear for the hearing at the time and place stated by the city and if a hearing delay has not been granted, his or her failure to appear is considered a waiver of the hearing and the city may take appropriate action with respect to the person.

C. A person aggrieved by the decision of the hearing officer may, within 30 days, initiate a proceeding in district court to rescind the city’s action by filing a notice of appeal in accordance with the applicable rules of court governing appeals in civil matters. The court shall conduct a hearing de novo. (Prior code § 14.04.100)